‘Aasara’ the Children’s home is currently running in a rented place. A large number of poor single-parent children are in need of a better future, better opportunities, better education, and a better life but currently, due to the small place, we are not able to help all of them. We would appreciate your help in the form of donations especially for buying new land and construction. Please help !!

Aasara, a multipurpose society which cares for underprivileged students in Nagpur and the adjoining districts of Maharashtra, especially for those whose parents are affected by HIV / AIDS as well as those who have a single parent and who cannot afford to aid their children’s future.

Our main purpose is to see these children finish their studies and become good citizens in their communities.

Aasara has also started free classes for kids to encourage them to lead better lives in society. We also teach them good habits and motivate them to help others. We also have 6 gifted volunteers who are offering their precious time for these kids.

From the past few months, Aasara has been working amongst HIV affected patients, providing them with nutrition and guidelines which helps them to live better lives.

Our Projects

  1. Child Development Project
  2. Educational Sponsorship Project
  3. AasaraCBC
  4. Muskan Group (HIV/AIDS Project)
  5. Health Camps