About us

Director and Founder – Joel Job

“AASARA” is a Hindi word which signifies trust, care, shelter, hope, and protection.

Aasara is a multipurpose Christian organization working particularly with families who have been impacted by HIV / AIDS. Our vision is to help bring about a substantial change in the life of underprivileged children, help them achieve their goals in life by and be a good citizen of the country.

Aasara cares for Children who had lost their fathers to this disease and their mothers are now unwell and struggling to survive. Aasara has a children’s home where we care not only for children’s education, but their daily needs like food, shelter, and love. The children’s mothers are able to stay with them if possible and the children return home during school holidays to spend time with their families and communities. Aasara also assists the mothers with their medical expenses, gaining employment and other needs.

We have also started a project named ‘Muskan’ to empower people affected by HIV/AIDS, which helps them to live better lives. We meet twice a month, share each other’s experiences, pray together as well as provide nutrition to them. So

Our mission is to reach out to more and more children who are in need of a home, shelter, food, love, and care and bring about a radical change in their lives by guiding them to lead a quality life and help others as they received.

You can join us with your support in the form of your prayers help and Donations. Your support goes towards covering the costs of education, as well as running the home for these children and supporting their mothers.

Volunteers helping us:

Bhavana Job

Abhishikt Kadam

Mahima Nicholas

Anshul Prakash

Arunima Das

Ruben Persson

Pratiksha Wankhede

Samarpit Kadam